How rating is calculated?

We use Elo rating system adapted for Destiny's gameplay. The basic principles are as follows:

  • all players start with rating of 1200;
  • each match contributes to player's rating;
  • winning a match raises rating, losing a match lowers it;
  • winning against more skilled opponents gives you more points.

Elo rating system was originally invented for chess games and implies only 1 on 1 matches. To apply it to Destiny matches we use following algorithms.

For team-based matches we first calculate composite rating for each team. For that we take each player's rating and time he played into account. Additional points are added in case one of the teams had more players in the match. Based on team ratings and match results we generate pool of points, that is taken from losing team and awarded to winning one. Points are distributed among team members according to time they've spent in the match.

For free-for-all matches we consider each pair of players as playing a seperate match. In the end of the match player with higher score is the winner. Resulting change in rating for each player is a sum of all changes in matches against each of the opponents.

Why my match is not rated?
We started collecting and processing all matches from 1st of June 2016. All matches before that are not rated.

We are aiming to keep ratings real-time and processing new matches as soon as they are finished. Nevertheless sometimes techincal issues occur and process slows down. There are millions of matches being played every day, so it may take some time for us to catch up. Please come back later to see your match result.
How can I contact you?
You can write an email to [email protected] or reach us on Facebook and Twitter. We are always looking for feedback and will be happy to answer any questions you might have.
How do you protect my privacy and keep my information secure?
Your privacy is important to us. Click here to learn more about the practices of this site.
What is Bungie API error and why is it happening?

To display some parts of our site we rely on API provided by Bungie. Sometimes this API becomes temporary unavailable and we can't display pages, you've requested. Cases when this happen can include:

  • Maintenance – during updates to the Destiny game it's common, that work of API is suspended. This usually does not last long and normal work is restored within several hours. You can check official Bungie site to get more information about current and upcoming updates.
  • Legacy accounts – since August 16th, 2016 Bungie ended support via API for accounts on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Unless owner of account upgrades to next gen console, we cannot show his page. You can read more about it here
  • Other problems – other temporary problems can occur. Usually refreshing the page should solve them. If problem persists, please contact us!